Literature and brochures
System solutions
for public transport

Double decker coaches, Fire barrier doors,
Fire barrier walls, Driver's cabin rear walls, Entrance partition walls, First class partition walls,Sandwich-componLock bar interrogations, locks, Latches, Buttons, Switches, Toggles, Handles, Controllers, Manually operated doors, Door guides, Door drives
DB delivery assessment
with single assessments
Q1 and E1
DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
System approaches for
fire barrier doors and walls

Single or double panel fire barrier door systems - electric, pneumatic or hand driven, ...
Drivers cabin rear walls, Compartment walls, Waggon endwalls with integrated fire barrier doors, ...
IRIS Certifikation
System approaches for double decker cars
Compartment door systems,
Gangway door systems,
Fire barrier door systems,
WC-door systems ...
Systems solutions
for vehicle doorways

Electronic door drives
Pneumatic door drives
Manually operated doors
Controllers, ...
Systems solutions for partitions
Compartment separations,
End wall partition panels,
Fire protection partition walls,
Driver compartment partition walls ...